Dale Kaneko


Seattle-Sand Point

Windermere Real Estate Co.

5424 Sand Point Way NE

Seattle, WA 98105

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Office: (206) 524-1100

Mobile: (206) 947-1223

Fax: (206) 526-7614



Website: http://www.dalekaneko.com


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Commitment to You

Buying and selling homes are very personal endeavors, affecting our lives in profound ways. I take my responsibility and privilege very seriously. I build my business with your referrals. I strive to provide world class service to become worthy of your business. I am joyful when I can be a part of a person's journey when buying or selling a home.

Commitment to Our Community

I give of myself to others to show my gratitude. I have been a volunteer since 2001 as an instructor with Nikkei Horizons (teaching seniors how to use the iPhone and iPad), and I am an active participant at my local church.

Commitment to My Family

My husband and I moved to Seattle from Hawaii in 1975 and have raised our family here. Our three grandchildren, three adult children and two son-in-laws keep us active, healthy and very grateful.

Commitment to Myself

Taking care of myself is a pre-requisite before I can adequately take care of others. I strive to grow in my appreciation and respect of the lives we have - every day is a gift.